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SL Wrestling: O vs Helga and Angelina

In Second Life, wrestling is one of the Role Plays that I participate in. The wrestling community that I am around tends to be more light hearten. Below is the log from the match, along with audience and host commentary.

Match was held at:  Pin Down Girls Mixed Wrestling Event Stage
Wrestlers: Big O (Othar Markstein),  Angelina (barbiefightt Resident) , Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident)
Owner of Club/Event : ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente)


[13:44] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): I will! but my opponent is all big he made fun of me too!
[13:44] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): so, I brought along Helga
[13:44] ĈŗŷşţäĻ (1whitecrystal Resident): giggles good
[13:44] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): yeah
[13:44] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): what da eff
[13:44] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): dude
[13:45] ĈŗŷşţäĻ (1whitecrystal Resident): don’t want to see you broken only me break you
[13:45] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): I bet you coult take em Laura
[13:45] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): oh, very easily. That’s why I say don’t kick me. It would only make me angry
[13:45] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): welcome Taylor and Gerry 😀
[13:45] Taylor Larkham: Hi hi!
[13:46] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): they wouldn’t like it if they made you angry
[13:46] ĈŗŷşţäĻ (1whitecrystal Resident): hi Taylor 🙂
[13:46] Taylor Larkham: Hey Crystal!
[13:46] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): you would split your dress and tights and go feisty on them, right?
[13:47] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): yes. I go feisty when I am angry
[13:47] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): crystal can beat anyone up anyway
[13:48] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): almost anyone
[13:48] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): looks like BB is edging for a fight
[13:48] ĈŗŷşţäĻ (1whitecrystal Resident): yes true 😛 and you know I am always ready sev giggles
[13:49] Ăηα (Anastassjya Resident): crystal can beat anyone up? nice joke 😀
[13:49] ĈŗŷşţäĻ (1whitecrystal Resident): -.-
[13:50] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): hey!
[13:50] ĈŗŷşţäĻ (1whitecrystal Resident): I beaten you bish
[13:50] Ăηα (Anastassjya Resident): hm I beaten you too bish
[13:50] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): no talking about my fav wrestler like that or you’ll end up like big o
[13:50] Ăηα (Anastassjya Resident): pffff I will beat you both together bishes !
[13:51] ĈŗŷşţäĻ (1whitecrystal Resident): laughs
[13:51] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): pfffft
[13:51] ĈŗŷşţäĻ (1whitecrystal Resident): now that a nice joke
[13:51] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): should be on comedy central
[13:51] Big O (Othar Markstein): You got some room to talk Angelina, your bony ass can’t beat up a teddy bear.

[13:52] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): can too!
[13:52] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): hand me a teddy bear and watch me cuddle it, I mean beat it up
[13:52] Big O (Othar Markstein): You would rip the eye out and start crying when you saw cotton coming out.
[13:52] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): you know Sev, lots of people say I have a bony ass
[13:53] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): cute
[13:53] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): tight
[13:53] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): not unless I pretend that teddy is you then ill laugh
[13:53] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): lovely and spankable
[13:53] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): kissable too?
[13:53] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): bony arse best asks Doc
[13:53] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): kissable yes
[13:54] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): well then, that’s me happy
[13:54] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): and no beating up teddy bears. That’s just MEAN
[13:54] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): yea big o you big meanie!
[13:55] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): yeah O
[13:55] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): I find bottoms most handy of things, I’m rather attached to mine and sit on it often
[13:55] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): you is stink
[13:55] Big O (Othar Markstein): Pretend the Teddy is me? Do you mean you want to hug and kiss me in bed?
[13:55] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): D:<
[13:55] Now playing: HOWARD JONES – NEW SONG Debauche Radio
[13:55] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): pffft
[13:55] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): I am going to impartially support Angelina and Helga now. They don’t beat up teddy bears
[13:55] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): hello Sutara and Lady Ali. welcome
[13:55] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): Lady Ali! Hiya x
[13:55] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): I prefer to hug crystal do you not see how good she looks? I’m like the only one she hasn’t beaten though
[13:55] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): do they beat up bunnies though?
[13:56] ĈŗŷşţäĻ (1whitecrystal Resident): giggles
[13:56] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): she has never beaten me. She never will. Just saying
[13:56] ĈŗŷşţäĻ (1whitecrystal Resident): I think you lost your memory Ana
[13:56] Big O (Othar Markstein): I can see it now, If Angelina tried to wrestle anyone, she hug them first and they knock her on her ass.
[13:56] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): ooh that Larry Panther playboy was here once. They beat him up.
[13:57] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): Did that?
[13:57] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): yep
[13:57] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): beat him up
[13:57] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): and he is like a sort of bunny type person
[13:57] Lady Ali (Alistuvalady Resident): Jiya Geordie
[13:57] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): pfft! no one has beaten me I don’t even fight, I’m only here to prove that you’re all muscle but no brains
[13:57] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): was that pinnn downnnnnn girrrrrls
[13:57] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): on a Sunday afternoooooon
[13:58] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): pfft
[13:58] Big O (Othar Markstein): I take part of that as a compliment. So, you are staring at my muscles? Want to kiss them?
[13:58] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): you beat me one by cheating I seem to remember
[13:58] ĈŗŷşţäĻ (1whitecrystal Resident): Barbie beat people without a fight
[13:58] ĈŗŷşţäĻ (1whitecrystal Resident): 😀
[13:58] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): she cheats
[13:58] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): hair pulling. eyes gauging
[13:58] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): pinching nipples
[13:58] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): shameful
[13:58] Ăηα (Anastassjya Resident): crystal cheats too 🙂
[13:58] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): very
[13:59] ĈŗŷşţäĻ (1whitecrystal Resident): I never cheat!!
[13:59] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): you were shirtless! of course I saw your muscles which you got by taking steroids I totally asked your trainer
[13:59] Ăηα (Anastassjya Resident): using claws 🙂
[13:59] Now playing: Muse – Knights of Cydonia Debauche Radio
[13:59] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): and yea I totally agree with my fav wrestler crystal
[13:59] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): but I still like her
[13:59] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): well I want none of that it tonight’s fight
[13:59] Big O (Othar Markstein): so, she wants to kiss my biceps and then pinch my nipples, got it Angelina
[13:59] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): not until I am round the front to see it
[13:59] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): imma claw up your gym bag >;o
[13:59] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): well ladies and gentlemen, welcome to pin down girls
[14:00] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): booty
[14:00] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): OMG like keep talking big o because you’re so getting ko’d with a O
[14:00] ĈŗŷşţäĻ (1whitecrystal Resident): lol
[14:00] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): yes, welcome everyone
[14:01] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): yes, indeed welcome
[14:01] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here to say our last goodbyes to… oh hold… fight hasn’t started yet. Sorry O
[14:02] Big O (Othar Markstein): Yea KO me, I like to see you land a punch without breaking your hand on my chest.
[14:02] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): Glad you could join us here and hoping everybody will have a great time. Please though if have any spare lindens to tip the wrestlers well by the tip jar board right of the stage
[14:03] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): I think you can guess by now who will be fighting tonight. Let’s hope their ability in the ring matches what we are hearing out here
[14:04] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): but before they go at each other… do we have something planned Sev?
[14:04] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): I believe firstly though we have a sexy and for your entertainment a dance routine with a special guest performer
[14:04] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): <– is nervous
[14:04] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): is this not so?
[14:05] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): This is so
[14:05] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): shall we retreat behind the stage now?
[14:05] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): So, with no delay will hand you over to Geordie, our man with the voice

[14:05] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): see you all soon
[14:06] Geordie Richards (Bee Itamae): good evening everyone
[14:06] Geordie Richards (Bee Itamae): I’m your EmCee for the night

[14:07] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente) shouts: PLEASE TURN ON MUSIC STREAM
[14:08] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): \☻/ \☻/ \☻/ * APPLAUSE *
[14:08] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): || || || * APPLAUSE *
[14:08] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): / \ / \ / \ * APPLAUSE *

[14:12] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): Hi there Sasha xxx
[14:12] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): hiya Sasha x
[14:13] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): sings along merrily whilst dancing
[14:14] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): watcha love
[14:14] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): aalreet pet
[14:15] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): think so
[14:15] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): good init?

[14:16] Jericho Kane (JerichoKane Resident): ROCK IT LADIES!
[14:16] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): thank you 🙂
[14:17] Now playing: 059 – ACDC – Hells Bells Debauche Radio
[14:18] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): hello Mike and Veri 😀
[14:18] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): and John
[14:18] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): \☻/ \☻/ \☻/ * APPLAUSE *
[14:18] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): || || || * APPLAUSE *
[14:18] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): / \ / \ / \ * APPLAUSE *
[14:18] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): \☻/ \☻/ \☻/ * APPLAUSE *
[14:18] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): || || || * APPLAUSE *
[14:18] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): / \ / \ / \ * APPLAUSE *
[14:18] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): \☻/
[14:18] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): ||
[14:18] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): / \
[14:18] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): Woohoo!
[14:19] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente) throws her bra
[14:19] John1604 Dalglish: hi sasha

[14:19] Big O (Othar Markstein): Walks causally across the stage and then started to flex his pecks and blow kisses at the audience. He then would jump onto the turn buckle and pulled his tank top off, and threw it into the audience. “Hello all of my loyal fans, I love you all”

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[14:19] Now playing: 059 – ACDC – Hells Bells Debauche Radio
[14:19] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): YAY!
[14:19] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): love you too
[14:19] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): \☻/ \☻/ \☻/ * APPLAUSE *
[14:19] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): || || || * APPLAUSE *
[14:19] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): / \ / \ / \ * APPLAUSE *
[14:19] ĈŗŷşţäĻ (1whitecrystal Resident) applauds enthusiastically.
[14:19] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): HELGA!!!! ANGELINA!!!
[14:19] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): \☻/ \☻/ \☻/ * APPLAUSE *
[14:19] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): || || || * APPLAUSE *
[14:19] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): / \ / \ / \ * APPLAUSE *
[14:20] ĈŗŷşţäĻ (1whitecrystal Resident) applauds enthusiastically.
[14:20] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): Hoi
[14:20] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): _ _ _ _
[14:20] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): | | | | | | | |
[14:20] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): | | | | ___ ___ | |_ | |
[14:20] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): | |/\| | / _ \ / _ \ | __| | |
[14:20] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): \ /\ / (_) | (_) | |_ |_|
[14:20] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): \/ \/ \___/\___/ \__| (_)
[14:20] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident) hears her name as she appears from behind the curtains. Pointing and winking at the crowd before making her way into the ring, blowing a kiss then going to her reserved spot looking at big O she starts to speak. “You’re getting your ass kicked you big gym rat!”


[14:20] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): really hells bells
[14:20] Jericho Kane (JerichoKane Resident): umm hi Mike

[14:20] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident) walks into the ring together with my good buddy Angelina as she needs my help to whoop some muscle heads booty. Which is fine cause I am a cat and that means I am funny as f Somebody is going to get fuuuuuggeedd! Did I mention I am a cat? Nuuuuuu I am a neko! Its totally different yo’ for realz!

[14:20] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): Weeeeeee
[14:20] Big O (Othar Markstein): O yea good insult, calling me a fit gym rat who can kick your ass.
[14:20] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): \☻/ \☻/ \☻/ * APPLAUSE *
[14:20] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): || || || * APPLAUSE *
[14:20] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): / \ / \ / \ * APPLAUSE *
[14:20] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): Hey
[14:20] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): you
[14:20] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): you
[14:20] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): is
[14:20] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): butt
[14:20] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): 😛
[14:20] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): \☻/ \☻/ \☻/ * APPLAUSE *
[14:20] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): || || || * APPLAUSE *
[14:20] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): / \ / \ / \ * APPLAUSE *
[14:20] Now playing: Rammstein – Feuer Frei Debauche Radio
[14:21] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): Mam!
[14:21] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): Mam!
[14:21] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): Wrestling moves?
[14:21] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident) “Yea you totally didn’t expect that huh big O!”
[14:21] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): hello again everybody. I hope you enjoyed that
[14:21] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): You might wanna get off the ringside!
[14:21] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): Cause its going to be an atomic bomb here!
[14:21] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): **Hi5!**
[14:21] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): \o/
[14:21] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): |
[14:21] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): / \
[14:21] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): ░░ A WINNER IS YOU! ░░
[14:21] Big O (Othar Markstein): Blinks seeing Helga, So you brought your cat with you. Can I pet her?
[14:21] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): do the moves have numbers?
[14:21] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): >:o
[14:21] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident) “OMG you did not just…. ugh!”
[14:22] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): Your azz is mine n00b, u cant h4ndl3 muh L33t sk1llz
[14:22] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): ;o
[14:22] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): we want a good clean fight here
[14:22] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident) “You’re such a douche bag!”
[14:22] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): Its good to see so many people
[14:22] Big O (Othar Markstein) gives the devil horns to the DJ, your playing my song man.
[14:22] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): *CENSORED*

[14:22] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): really think going to get a clean fight?
[14:22] Big O (Othar Markstein): Clean fight, don’t think Walmart sells enough douche for that.
[14:23] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): I have no idea what that means. Something colonial, no doubt
[14:23] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): only clean bit about this fight is the shower afterwards
[14:23] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): Lets do it Angie!
[14:23] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): God no, I hope not. I was just saying that in case the censor is here
[14:23] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): Hey
[14:23] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident) “Walmart? are you sponsored by them?
[14:23] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): I have a idea
[14:23] Now playing: Various – After Dark – Tito and Tarantula Debauche Radio
[14:24] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): it is so gooooood
[14:24] Big O (Othar Markstein): For you two girls, your have to go to Sams to get enough to clean your ho hasss.
[14:24] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): remember girls, he beats up teddy bears. I am impartial, of coure. get him!
[14:25] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): did you ask him why hes called Big O Mel?
[14:25] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): oh tell me Helga anything to shut this douche bag, he thinks he’s like all that! and clearly he isn’t! Like I’m all that.

[14:25] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident) Starts to sneak up behind Big O… cause I am a sneaky cat.. and I am going to totally get him from behind.. his booty is mine, it belongs to me, so I’m going to have that booty, cause I am the booty warrior. Fleece Johnson got nothing on me, so I’m going to get him the full nelson right over here and get his aaaazzz!!!


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[14:25] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): Woo! \o/
[14:26] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): Just a reminder before things get heated up here, please show your appreciation to the wrestlers entertaining us tonight. Tip boards are over in the right corner
[14:26] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): that was bit sneaky
[14:26] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): and if you want to tip the dancers…. we wont object TOO much
[14:26] Big O (Othar Markstein) Blinked a few times as he did not notice the pussy moving him from all of his taunting. He then feels his hands being pulled behind his head. Resist a little but does not have time to counter. “Dang you are a slick pussy”
[14:27] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): Imma hit dat azz up like its Jail Other pothar! xD
[14:27] Sasha (SashaJohansen Resident): RIP HIS SHORTS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean Ummm get him! 🙂
[14:27] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): You know what Jail stands for Big O?
[14:27] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): Jail stands for…
[14:27] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): JABBING
[14:27] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): YO ASS
[14:27] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): WHILE IN
[14:27] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): LOCK UP
[14:27] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): Did you see that creeping up Laura from behind? NO !!! Neither did I

[14:27] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident) Gets a slight grin on her face when Helga traps big O, standing in front of him I stare into his eyes “Aw what’s the matter big guy, thought two girls couldn’t beat you up? Well you’re wrong!” Lifting up my right hand I swing it right towards Big O’s left cheek hearing a loud smack when my palm connects with his face

[14:27] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): it was WAY too sneaky for me Sev
[14:28] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): didn’t see a thing
[14:28] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): He’s changing colors, look he’s turning pink!
[14:28] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): they have him now in a sort of holding him and hitting him thingy
[14:28] Sasha (SashaJohansen Resident): yeouchh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[14:28] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): I know all the names of the wrestling moves
[14:28] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): OH MY
[14:28] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): my favorite is the short admiral
[14:29] Big O (Othar Markstein) Grunted a bit as he took the punch full force to his face and then he started to tighten his stomach and chest muscles encase they punch him there first. Shaking and moving about to plan his next move.
[14:29] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): Yea you messed with the wrong girls! we rob banks and things!
[14:29] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): WOOOOO!
[14:29] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): Well that’s well said Laura, I really appreciate a well inverse annalist
[14:29] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): Im gonna smoke some weed– I mean Cat nip! \o/
[14:29] Big O (Othar Markstein): He then started to turn red in the face as he took more punches to the face and his feet started to plant into the ground.
[14:29] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): I have just been informed it is not a Short Admiral. It is, in fact, a Half nelson. I am sorry
[14:30] Sasha (SashaJohansen Resident): lol

[14:30] Big O (Othar Markstein): Hen then sent both of his knees upward ramming them into Angelina thighs, and at the same time, used the leverage to throw the big cat off his body.
[14:30] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): What kind of bank Angelina.. Not piggy banks I hope
[14:30] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): o.O
[14:31] Big O (Othar Markstein): As they were distracted, he would grab ahold of both of their thighs, and then be started to get enough momentum to lift them up.

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[14:31] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): as long as its not a sper… no, dont go there
[14:31] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident) gets flipped over to space! This boobie lover really has some ballz! more ballz than a bounce play house! and Thats aloota Balls!
[14:31] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): OH SHIT!
[14:31] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): lots of touching in this Laura
[14:31] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): wow
[14:31] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): its kind of hot and steamy
[14:31] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident) her hand turns into a fist but doesn’t stay like that for too long, she gets all kicked in the thighs and lifted up kicking her legs
[14:31] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): Hey! WTF!?
[14:31] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): Oh he has turned the tables and now has them in a very effective Double Over the Shoulder Booty Flash Thingy
[14:32] Big O (Othar Markstein): You bitches have messed with the wrong guy. And I may make you two find out why I am called Big O if the girl gets her wish and I strip here for you all.
[14:32] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): SHIT!
[14:32] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): I don’t wanna see! D:<
[14:32] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): I wanna see

[14:32] Big O (Othar Markstein) He then jumps up into the air and slams both of the girls bodes down onto the mat.


[14:32] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): Put us down! I don’t like being carried like this!
[14:33] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): Oooh ouch, that’s got to hurt
[14:33] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): Have you seen where he has his hand? Makes up for it in my book!
[14:33] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident) Getting her wish and is put down but now hoe she wanted to be put down. Landing on her friend she moans a bit while looking up at the ceiling
[14:33] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): in Angelina’s bank?
[14:33] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): “Arghhh you…. Helga he…. he cheated”
[14:34] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident) Falls over into one slam! My whole cat tail gets smooshed under the fall, it totally hurts yo! Like for real! OWIE! This totally sucks,.. Now I got Angie on me, and Big O is totally pinning us down! I try to struggle but right now I am incapacitated. that’s Neko for Incapacitated cause I have special needs
[14:34] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): m g that’s funny, cheating in wrestling
[14:34] Big O (Othar Markstein) held both girl down putting one hand on Angelina groin and the other on her face, while his groin was on top of Helga’s face hold her down. “Helga, say Hi to the real big O down there.”

[14:35] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): Thats just YUCK!!!
[14:35] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident) Feels Big O’s hand touching her kitty and not liking it one bit while his other hand all on her face.
[14:35] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): “Come on girls!” she shouts. Impartially.
[14:35] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): very yucky, like Laura said that’s just yuck
[14:35] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): “Hey! don’t…. don’t touch my kitty! that’s a reserved spot!”
[14:35] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): *CENSORED*
[14:35] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): should be ashamed
[14:36] Big O (Othar Markstein) He then would start to stand up a bit and held onto both girl’s legs holding them up in the air a bit. “What to do with you two naughty girls?”
[14:36] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): that’s it girls. You have his lower legs. Now if you can get the rest of him…..

[14:37] Big O (Othar Markstein) Wrapped both of their legs around his calves, and then smacked them both on the asses , grinned, and then leaned back into their bodies.


[14:37] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): mind if I join you?
[14:38] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident) Feels a bit embarrassed by this, already loosing but the fight wasn’t over not yet, as she responds to Big O “I…. I bet this is your excuse to touch a girl’s kitty! Stop grabbing me by the pussy!” yelling out then moaning louder in pain, with her legs being all bent and trapped “OMG fucking douche!”
[14:38] Big O (Othar Markstein): Wrapping his arm around their necks to add to the pain and then began to blow kisses into the audience once more.
[14:39] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident) gets really ravaged as Big O gets my legs up into a Texas cloverleaf with Angie on my side, I try to nom on his arm with my kitty teeth “NNNYYAAA DAAYYUUMMNN!”
[14:39] Big O (Othar Markstein): Like I said before, you girls are all talk, and just don’t want a sexy gym rat to get any attention from other women.
[14:39] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): did I see biting?
[14:40] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): nope
[14:40] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): >_>
[14:40] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): licking
[14:40] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): <_<
[14:40] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): Nuuuuuuu!
[14:40] Big O (Othar Markstein): Yelled as he felt teeth biting into his wrist and let go of her neck.
[14:40] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident) that pain from her legs/back starts to run through her body and seeing her friend being hurt too only makes her angrier. “That’s it bitch! I mean douche!” moving her arms towards big O’s face, smacking it before feeling his eyes she pokes them, hard enough to feel that grip of his loosen
[14:40] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): I can see right up his shorts from here
[14:40] Big O (Othar Markstein): Angel, did you forget to feed your pussy before the match?
[14:40] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): can you see a O thingy?
[14:40] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): “Let us go!”
[14:40] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): *CENSORED*
[14:41] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): I can see more of it than I think I really wanted to
[14:41] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): mmmmm, very strange
[14:41] Big O (Othar Markstein): Blinked a few more times as she poked his eyes and then he let both of them go.
[14:42] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): they really do like laying around
[14:42] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): I hope they can regain some strength. that had to take it out of them both
[14:43] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): He had them in that hold. Cant think what it was called. I just cannot put my finger on it
[14:43] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident) when she sees that Othar got his I poked, I helped Othar let us go with turning my hips into a drop toe hold before rolling out of the way and holding my shins “Hiisssss its needs to be puniissseeehd” totally not acting like Gollumn from Lord of the Rings
[14:43] Big O (Othar Markstein): Laid flat on his back covering his eyes in pain not knowing where the two girls were. “Cheating with eye rake, you two are cat fighters.”

[14:43] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): Bruh
[14:43] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): Im a cat
[14:43] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): what do you expect?
[14:43] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): ☆ ⓛⓞⓛ 🙂 ☆
[14:44] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): this is more like it
[14:44] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident) sighs laying on the mat, looking down, then at Helga “OMG are you ok? did that monster hurt you badly?” asking questions before looking at Big O “Yea we are and you’re about to get it!” moving towards him, before grabbing his arm, telling Helga to grab his other one and getting him up to his feet “Let’s break his hands then his legs!”
[14:45] Sasha (SashaJohansen Resident): get him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[14:45] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): Please ladies and gentlemen. Please if so inclined to tip the wrestlers by the tip board to right corner of the stage
[14:45] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident) performs a get up strong, swishing my tail around as I help up Angelina into getting Big O into a dual crucifix wrist lock, bending him over while we work over his arms good, “OOHH YEAAH I never felt better! Cause… OWW! My back still hurts!” T_T

[14:45] Big O (Othar Markstein) Grumbled as he felt both of his hands and wrist being held by the two girls but his eyes were still in pain and he was not able to see or stop them. He tugged onto both of them but the move was good and they had him in a bad spot.
[14:45] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): they have him now. You watch. They will finishes the teddy bear killer in no time
[14:46] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): I said that impartially didn’t I?

[14:47] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident) Starts to tease big O “Hey so when was the last time you were being touched by a girl huh?” signaling Helga for the next move, kicking Big O in the stomach forcing him to get down onto his knees as I bend his arm behind him, while looking down at him. “awww is that a tear in your eye that I see?”
[14:48] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): do you think he likes stuffing the teddy bears and pulling out their button eyes?
[14:48] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista) shudders
[14:48] Sasha (SashaJohansen Resident): ouchhhhh
[14:48] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): the m-m-monster
[14:49] Sasha (SashaJohansen Resident): I did not know arms bent that far back
[14:49] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): “This douche is a cry baby! he hurts teddy bears and now he’s crying!”
[14:50] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): Sev? Wots a douche?
[14:50] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident) grins when Angie delivers a kickgut right to Big O’s abs.. my open palm smacks the hell out of his back head as he crumples over, he gets so low that I end up jumping to swing over a enzuigiri to clock the back of his noggin… then my leg swings over from behind his arm as I take my seat… pulling him up into a fujiwara armbar to torque his shoulder while Angelina controls him in the hammerlock, we are.. OSSUM!! \o/
[14:50] Big O (Othar Markstein) shook his head a few times as he was now able to open his eyes but only moments after he felt his legs being forced down to his knees and his stomach hurting from her impact. His arms being pulled in different directions and red from the pain. Grumbles “OMG you bitches, are you trying to tear my tendons? ” AS he then would flex his chest and arm muscles trying to break free but not having any luck.

[14:53] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident) bounces my big butt over on Othar’s noggin as I swing my big booty up.. and keep holding other by his arms.. telling Angie “Hey gal, give him some more work to his Gut!” as I hold him up and totally do the same, punching him in his belly while keeping his arm trapped.
[14:53] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): i don’t know
[14:53] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): googling it
[14:53] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): you used to goggle me, in the early days
[14:53] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): have I got the wrong word?
[14:54] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident) “Yea we are actually trying to break your arm and maybe sell it to oh i don’t know whoever.” Continuing to hurt Big O’s arm before getting Big O back to his feet along with Helga “You got it!” Punching Big O’s abs trying to make them feel like butter for him at least
[14:54] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): shower attachments
[14:54] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): Hey Laura
[14:54] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): you great big Shower attachment !!!
[14:55] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): I am strangely not all that offended
[14:55] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): Its what google say a douche is
[14:55] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): then you are a handy container for carrying shower attachments!
[14:55] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): that’s a douche bag
[14:56] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): is that a compliment?
[14:56] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): idunuuuuuu!!! ¯\(°_o)/¯
[14:56] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): “Will you two buy this douche at a discounted price? a few dents and all?”
[14:56] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): it could be, couldn’t it?
[14:56] Big O (Othar Markstein) Felt his body being lifted by his arms and shoulders and his face was almost as red as his stomach was from the punching of him senseless. He began to breathe deeply and almost as if he was in the gym with his bench press back home. He took in a huge deep breath, yelled, and then with every ounce of muscle and might he had left, he would flex his chest, biceps, and shoulders at the same time and slammed the two girls head together.


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[14:57] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): Now I am confused. Has the shower attachment got them or do they have him?
[14:57] : HdBang
[14:57] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): ouch!!! That answered me
[14:57] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): Depends on how big his cockball end is
[14:58] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista) blinks
[14:58] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista) blinks again
[14:58] Big O (Othar Markstein): NO MORE PLAYING NICE WITH YOU BITCHES
[14:58] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): now hes shouting
[14:58] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): how very rude
[14:58] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): very very rude
[14:59] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident) sees Helga coming closer towards her and her head slams right into Helga’s. “Ow!” letting out a dull scream slightly dazed, as she looks at Big O “Fuck! What the hell!? That’s not even nice!” Holding Big O’s arm but lightly trying to get all un dizzy
[14:59] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): just think if anybody is trying to sleep
[14:59] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): Now the douche is banging the bitches…. I so want to end that sentence there…. heads together. How much more of this can they take?
[14:59] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident) feels like she is in a 3 stooges episode, and she is Curly, Angie is Larry, and Big O is Moe.. who is right now grabbing us by the noggins and totally slamming our heads together in classic live action tv slapstick fashion.. with additional cartoony BONK sounds.. Who says that this kind of Male on Female Violence can’t be fun for the whole Family! We are a rated G family comedy for general audiences! “OHHH FUUUUUUUU——KKKKKKKK” ok never mind…

[15:01] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): banging the bitches with his stopcock
[15:01] Big O (Othar Markstein) Once he had his hands somewhat free and not as tenderized buy the two girl, he would kick them both in the ankles to make their droggy bodies fall to the ground. He then felt his hands being almost useless, so he used the one thing that was at full power and then wrapped his legs around Helga’s neck and hoped he weaken her fast enough to then grab blondie’s neck.


[15:01] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): oh my
[15:01] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): see now isnt that just the perfect end to the sentence?
[15:02] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): think his U bend is well fitted?
[15:02] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): Please everyone, please show your appreciation to these fighters who are giving us such a good fight today. Tip boards are to my left
[15:03] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): oh yes. And the dancers too
[15:03] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): I always forget them
[15:03] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): Who?
[15:03] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): the dancers
[15:03] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): ooh Melanie 🙂
[15:04] Now playing: Blur – Song 2 Debauche Radio
[15:04] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): lol
[15:04] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident) gets trapped into a figure four triangle choke while Angie is lying down there all stunned for the moment! I think this is gonna be a sucky moment cause I am trying my best to pull… but this dude has got me really good “HAAALLLPP!!!”
[15:04] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident) falling onto the at, a lot dizzier than Helga as I slowly look up, turning my head only to see Helga being hurt, her head was trapped between Big O’s legs, as I try to get up and help my friend Helga but feel that big hand of Big O behind my neck. Pushing her down stopping me from fully getting up and doing anything “Hey…..! Let go of Helga and I! You’re aren’t very nice! you big meanie! I can see a bit of fat hanging down your sides! you need to work out more!” totally not complimenting Big O and only getting him more mad
[15:05] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): OOOHHH MMAAHH GAAAWWDD D:
[15:05] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): Angie?
[15:05] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): Plz Halp!
[15:05] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): Kitty needs Help nao
[15:05] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): Q_Q
[15:06] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): “I…. I can’t! His hands are huge! and I can’t move!”

[15:06] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): “Did you bring my cell phone? We can call for help!”
[15:06] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): Nooo???
[15:07] Big O (Othar Markstein) shook his head and he then he lets Helga go and he trips Angel with a quick side step. His chest still rising and lowering fast and then he yells at the both, he then would grab their legs warping them around his own like a puppet. Slammed one girl on top of the other one, as he then would move both girls into a double Camel.

[15:07] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): I cannot see the girls turning this fight around now. They must be totally exhausted. I think the big guy has them beat
[15:07] Big O (Othar Markstein): Lets see how you both like being in an Othar sandwich.
[15:07] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): is this the new Big O Sandwich?
[15:08] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): ooh is it one of them footlongs?
[15:09] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): Subway?
[15:09] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): any way it comes, Melanie 🙂
[15:09] Big O (Othar Markstein) grumbles once more as he then manages to wrap his arms around both of their neck, yelling out once more in pain from his arms being beat up and sore, and then slams his ass down onto Angel’s spine, and pulls them both into position. HIs hand get slippery and start to grab ahold of Helga tits.
[15:09] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): I got paid when I say company’s names
[15:09] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident) with my big beautiful ass on the ground.. I grit my teeth when Big O starts pulling us up for the total party kill Camel clutch!! screaming out while Angie starts struggling comes around on my back… Then this bish azz mofo starts coping a feel on my boobsicals! HONK HONK
[15:09] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): BITCH!
[15:09] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): MMM Miss S and more?
[15:09] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): Sev!
[15:10] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): lol
[15:10] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident) “Fuck! We are Fucked!” yelling out before tripping down once she finally got up. All confused and before she knew it she was being used as a chair! Laying on top of Helga, thinking this isn’t that crazy until she feels her body being pulled back “OMG you monster!” yelling out “Helga is only a Neko! And a good looking one and I’m a Barbie! We deserve better treatment! You let us go now!” Screaming while pain shoots through her body like never before.
[15:10] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): Old Macdonalds had a farm, K F C I O
[15:11] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): that ought to earn me somethign
[15:11] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): On this farm he had Kentucky friend Chicken
[15:11] Geordie Richards (Bee Itamae): it could earn you a good licking
[15:11] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): finger licking good
[15:11] Big O (Othar Markstein) Grinds his pelvis into Angel’s butt while he had them both in his grasp causing him to grow happy twice as fast, while he still had his hands-on Helga’s chest. “This is how I expect to see my blonds when they are with me. “
[15:12] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): *CENSORED*
[15:12] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): thank fuck she is censored
[15:12] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): aren’t these wrestlers great? Please don’t forget to Tip if so desired thank you
[15:12] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident) hopes Angelina has an idea to escape this….
[15:13] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): it has to be all over for these brave girls. I just cant see a way back for them
[15:13] Big O (Othar Markstein): [[[[ Loving all of the tips, thank you all so much]]]]]
[15:13] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident) Not liking any of this, and knew she had to get Helga and herself out, but how? Trying to reach up at towards Big O’s eyes but not able to get her hands up that far, but there was one place she could reach, under Big O’s arm pits, wasn’t the best place but it had to be done, sliding my hand under Big O’s armpit and pulling on his armpit hair, trying to tear it out get get the fuck out of this move
[15:15] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident) starts to smell something…. it … reeks…. is that… B.O?.. EEWWW!!! The stink from Othar’s armpits because he does not use deodorant sends me into a pissed off frenzy that I actually turn super saiyan and start to dig my knees up… totally lifting ass like its after class! “KAAAAA MEEEEE HAAAA MEEEE HHAAAAAHH!” cause I am totally not Goku from Dragonball Z
[15:16] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): oooh WOWzers
[15:16] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): Look Laura look !!
[15:16] Ăηα (Anastassjya Resident): wow….. good job girls….
[15:17] Big O (Othar Markstein) shook his head as he felt his armpit hair being pulled and let the girls go. He then felt his body being lifted up into the air and would shake his legs trying to get out of the throw. “DONT DO IT”.
[15:17] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): I am shocked speechless
[15:17] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident) Finally escapes thanks to Helga as she lifts up Big O I pretend to do it too, but Helga was the one holding most of his weight. “OMG he does stink! What the fuck? Heard of a shower? Like OMG!”
[15:17] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): Well, not like REALLY speechless, obviously
[15:18] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): “Oh we’re gonna do it!”
[15:19] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident) Starts to pump Big O Up!! So his big bubble butt starts to slam him down like “FWWWOOOSSHHH” and “BOOOOOOOOOOOOM”, then takes Angelina and totally sits on his face with Angie in tow! Putting this big teddy bear killer to sleep!

[15:19] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): oh that has to hurt bad
[15:19] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): They got him in a textbook SLamming down then squishing thingy
[15:20] Ăηα (Anastassjya Resident): oh… are they making out on his head? 😀
[15:20] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): No
[15:20] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident) the ring shakes a bit once Big O was put down, looking down at him as i giggle then follow Helgas lead and sit on Big O’s face “I bet he likes it! Let’s send him to dream land girl, he won’t be messing with us next time nu uh!”
[15:20] Sasha (SashaJohansen Resident): YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
[15:20] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): maybe
[15:20] Big O (Othar Markstein) felt his face slam down onto the mat full momentum and and he felt dazed not knowing where he was, barely able to move his arms. Once the two sat down on his face, he stopped kicking as much and tried to decide how he get out of this. Face smothered by both their groins.
[15:20] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): yes
[15:21] Now playing: P!nk – So What (Laura edit) Debauche Radio
[15:21] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): looks in so much pain
[15:21] Big O (Othar Markstein): Arms and legs start to go limp.
[15:21] Now playing: Spectrum – Brazil Debauche Radio
[15:21] Big O (Othar Markstein): His eys close and then he stops moving.
[15:21] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): He is knocked out! \o/
[15:21] JeanLuc Tairov: I do not think I have ever seen Othar look so happy
[15:21] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): Sev, I cant look!
[15:22] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): oh I can now
[15:22] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): They beat the teddy bear killer!!!
[15:22] Sasha (SashaJohansen Resident): YAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
[15:22] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): YAY (impartial)
[15:22] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): \☻/ \☻/ \☻/ * APPLAUSE *
[15:22] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): || || || * APPLAUSE *
[15:22] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): / \ / \ / \ * APPLAUSE *
[15:22] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident) “Woooooo!” Getting off of Big O, then waving at the crowd before flexing “We won! you see that!?”
[15:22] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): \op/
[15:22] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): \☻/ \☻/ \☻/ * APPLAUSE *
[15:22] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): || || || * APPLAUSE *
[15:22] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): / \ / \ / \ * APPLAUSE *
[15:22] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident) totally knocked out Othar, so we both get up from his face and pose for the camera
[15:22] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): \☻/
[15:22] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): ||
[15:22] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): / \
[15:22] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): Woohoo!
[15:22] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): Well done ladies. So proud of you
[15:22] Sasha (SashaJohansen Resident): YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[15:22] Ăηα (Anastassjya Resident): oh no poor big O…..
[15:22] Sasha (SashaJohansen Resident): applause!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[15:22] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente) whispers: AWESOME MATCH!!
[15:22] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente) shouts: AWESOME MATCH
[15:22] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): Awesome you THREE !!!!
[15:23] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): ***** APPPPPPPLLLLAAAUUUSSSSEEEEEEE***********
[15:23] Big O (Othar Markstein): No body parts moving but there is a tent cast down below.
[15:23] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): He can’t hear you. He is asleep
[15:23] Angelina (barbiefightt Resident): (Thank you crowd! Thanks Melanie! Thanks Helga! Thanks Big O! This was sooooooooooooo fun!) ^_^
[15:23] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): (Thank you Melanie for asking me to come on this show, and thank you Angelina for being a funny wrestler to work with, and thank you Big O for being a great sport and working so well, and more importantly thank you all for your tips and support and cheers!)
[15:24] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): Hey Angie
[15:24] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): Lets get off this guy
[15:24] Sasha (SashaJohansen Resident): lol
[15:24] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): and go play video games!
[15:24] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): **Hi5!**
[15:24] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): great fight
[15:25] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): \☻/ \☻/ \☻/ * APPLAUSE *
[15:25] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): || || || * APPLAUSE *
[15:25] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): / \ / \ / \ * APPLAUSE *
[15:25] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): Thank you, all three of you for an excellent and entertaining fight. great job x
[15:25] Big O (Othar Markstein): Thank you all for watching us, for the tips, for these two great girls fighting me, and epically Melanie for setting up this great match.
[15:25] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): hey look at Helga
[15:25] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): LOL Helga
[15:25] : STOP
[15:25] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): **Hi5!**
[15:25] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): **Hi5!**
[15:25] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): (•̮̮̃•̃) ➳ HI6!ૐ
[15:25] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): **Hi5!**
[15:25] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): **Hi5!**
[15:25] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): (•̮̮̃•̃) ➳ HI6!ૐ
[15:25] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): i miss that gesture
[15:25] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): how about one more round of applause for these fine fighters?
[15:25] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): **Hi5!**
[15:26] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): lol
[15:26] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): **Hi5!**
[15:26] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): **Hi5!**
[15:26] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): Helga is unstoppable
[15:26] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): wiggles
[15:26] Helga Sperling (HelgaSperling Resident): **Hi5!**
[15:26] Laura Richards (Laura Demonista): shall we dance again?
[15:27] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): shall we?
[15:27] Sєνєяíηα (Lanisonia Resident): i think so
[15:27] ღ ℳεℓαηϊε ღ (Scissor Serpente): is this a question?


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