About Othar

Whats up Bru?

Hello Digital World,

Your friendly neighborhood digital artist, blogger, and Sl model Othar Markstein here to lighten your day.  All art and digital art starts from a person who had to mentally think of something they care about enough to create. Even a basic pair of denim pants nowadays contains lots of detailed layers of blue to make the mesh look real. I hope that the art that is posted here really conveys the effort and time that went into creating such digital images.


Even though I am just starting this blog, I have watched digital art for a long time. Back in the 90ths I played around with different 2D art programs.  I always studied and admired the detail and the craftsmanship that other artist and digital artist were able to perform.

So look around, enjoy, and give us your feedback.

Othar Markstein


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