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V-day SALE to make a Devil Cry – 69 Park and IE

Hello Fashion Warriors, Valentines Day Last minuet shoppers, and fans of video games,

Today I bring you more of an accidental Dante from Devil May Cry men’s suit that also does wonders for Valentines day.  This suit by  69 Park Ave  comes in Red and Black, Red and White, or Black and White, for 169L each. Each suite also comes with matching shoes at no extra cost.

Poses : Image Essentials Subtle Male 9
Location: Misfit Junction (The Van Sancina Bloodlines Clan , no biting with out rp / requesting first)
Hair: Exile Take it Easy
Eyes: Sterling Serenity FatPack
Outfit: 69 Park Ave  169L

69 Park REd n Black Devil May cry Vday suit

69 Park REd n Black Devil May cry Vday suit


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Heavy Metal Albume Cover – OD Designs Contest – Tamiron Forge

Hello Fashion Warriors and Metal warriors,

Today I bring you a picture made out of pure Heavy Metal Fandom.   [TF] Tamiron Forge  is a new sponsor, and I thought, what better way to honor this designer, OD Designs ,  and to honor Heavy Metal, than to do a classic album cover. OD Designs creates the most detailed interments in SL,  and has partnerships with real brands such as bc Rich, Schecter, Breedlove.

Please VOTE ON THIS PHOTO at OD Designs in the back of the store. The Voting is free, one vote per day, and last untill Feb 22nd.

Brutal Heavy Metal Albume cover with customer made animation by AJ.

Brutal Heavy Metal Albume cover with custom made animation by AJ.


Concept: Original idea, guitar, and outfit by Othar Markstein. Pose and other finishing work by PJay Adder.
Pose: Custom animation by Pjay Adder
OutfitTamiron Forge (specific outfit to be revealed after contest)
Guitar: OD Designs  (specific guitar to be revealed after contest )
Hands: Slink
Rest of style Sheet is censored due to working for a band.



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EMO and MEA’s New Year’s Angel 2014

2014 Newyear's Angel Othar

Bringing in the 2014 New Year  with some of Second Life’s biggest designers. This angel will lift away all your old memories of 2013.

Thanks to all of the Black Friday, X-mas, and New Years sales, this dashing NewYears Angel did not break my sl bank for the year.

Style Card:

  1. Pants: MEA CULPA_=**Riddick
  2. Hair: EMO-tions:. * AARON*
  3. Shoes: ZED:: MESH Formal Shoe
  4. Eye Makeup: Madrid Solo
  5. Mesh Hands: Slink
  6. Necklace: Chop Zuey Couture




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!:Lybra:! Limited Edition Men’s Avant-garde Outfit – Murder Mystery Charity Hunt

Othar Markstein Lybra Mens Limited Edition outfit Murder Mystery Hunt

Othar Markstein Lybra Mens Limited Edition outfit Murder Mystery Hunt

(See Full outfit at bottom of page)

Finesmith hosted a murder mystery hunt from December 1st – 8th.  If you happen to complete most of the  hunt, you would of found a limited edition Avantgarde outfit by Lybra.

Othar Markstein Lybra Mens Limited Edition outfit Murder Mystery Hunt

Othar Markstein Lybra Mens Limited Edition outfit Murder Mystery Hunt

Style Card:

  1. Pants, Kilt, Armor :  Lybra “Thorn” 
  2. Eyes: Zed
  3. Shirt: Zed
  4. Eye Makeup: blackLiquid.

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Model for – Wicca’s Wardrobe – Poses for the POE6

Peace on Earth  Hunt SL 2013

Wicca’s Wardrobe – Poses for the POE6

I was honored with the opportunity recently to model in one of the  POE6  hunt advertisements. Wicca Merlin  will be providing some of her poses for the hunt.

The following is a re-post from Wicca’s Site

“This year I was so happy and honored to be asked if I would like to be part of the POE6 hunt. The POE is one of the biggest hunts on the grid and I was so excited when Sequoia Nightfire, the founder of it asked me if I would like to contribute a hunt item as well.

I wanted to make something that goes with the theme of the Peace on Earth hunt as well as I wanted touch the christmas season a bit and so I came on the idea to make a group pose for angles ;) .  The “Angels” pose set contains 4 non released poses. They are single in that pack so you can use them for other purposes and smaller groups or for your own only as well. They are made with a smooth transition, so they are suitable for the runway as well.

Have fun hunting!”

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