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RP in Winter – Doctor Who with 69 Park Ave

Hello Fashion warriors and Doctor Who Fans.

Today we bring you  the 69 Park Ave outfit called Royce that would be a dead ringer for David Tennant’s blue Doctor Who Suit. The red shoes are sold separate, but are also from 69 Park Ave. The glasses are from Dot-Be, and they looked like something the doctor would wear. He may of worn forks on his nose, a super fan will have to comment and let me know.

My two lovely assistants, River Song, and Amy Pond have joined me today for this fun photo. I hope you all enjoy it.

Pose: Bebotes – secret Friends
Location: Misfit Junction (The Van Sancina Bloodlines Clan , no biting with out rp / requesting first)

Doctor Who from 69 Park Avenue

Doctor Who from 69 Park Avenue

Doctor Who from 69 Park Avenue

Doctor Who from 69 Park Avenue


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Summer in Jan with 69 Park Avenue ?

Hello fashion warriors,

For those of you like me who only wear denim for fashion, only have a white xmas when there is a hurricane, and really know the true meaning of humidity, you can appreciate Summer in January.  We wont talk about my internet being flaky for the past 6 months and this post being late, but  I present to you SUMMER IN JANUARY WITH OTHAR and 69 PARK AVENUE.

Shoes and the summer suit on pic 3 are from 69 Park Avenue and the pants are from Redgrave. The shoes are being worn over top of Slink feet size large.


Whats up Bru?

Whats up Bru?

Savage sexy islander Holding her in my arms on a romantic beach.

Strong arms never letting her go.

69 Park Ave Summer Suit (all mesh)

69 Park Ave Summer Suit (all mesh)

69 Park Adidas On boat

Only the best.

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