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More RP pic coming soon!!!

Role play or RP is a huge part of second life. I have neglected to post allot of my hidden gems from my different RP characters. I plan on adding more of these photos for everyone. The lonely tab does not have that many post in it, I know. I will also be adding allot of wrestling RP photos.


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Winter in Jan with 69 Park Ave

Hello Fashion warriors,

Today I bring you two great outfits from 69 Park Ave    The Vest and Winter Suit are both 100% mesh. The vest is called “Leather Jacket Set” and the Suit is called “Pristine“.

Poses for both pictures were created by *PosESioN*
Location: Misfit Junction (The Van Sancina Bloodlines Clan , no biting with out rp / requesting first)

69 Park Ave Leather Set

69 Park Ave Leather Set

69 Park Avenue Prestine

69 Park Avenue Prestine


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